The e-Footcare Program

Welcome to this on-line course for the diabetic foot. This is a series of PowerPoint slide sets with video presentations on a number of topics related to the fundamentals of foot examination, risk stratification and basic management including management of simple wounds/ulcers. It has been designed for those who have completed a “Train the Foot Trainer” course and for those who are involved in the Urgo foundation scheme for junior doctors.

This project is realised by the International Working Group on the Diabetic foot  (  in close cooperation with Université Numérique Francophone Mondiale ( We received an unrestricted grant from Urgo Foundation.

Each slide set will have key messages and objectives with the option of undertaking a self-assessment multiple choice question and answer section. Additionally there will be some open questions for those who are be mentored and wish to undertake some reflective practice or further learning.

We hope that you find this both instructive and helpful. Further more advanced topics will be added in the near future as well as, hopefully, translation in several european langages.