e-footcare Program Team


The International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot was founded in 1996. It is an non-profit and independent foundation. The aim of the D-FOOT is to create awareness of the disease and to improve the management and prevention of the diabetic foot.



The purpose of the World Francophone E-University (UNFM) is to use the internet and communication technologies to promote, developp and spread high quality education programmes thoughout countries in need. These training programmes target practising professionals and are generally created and performed by experts from the receiving nations in order to adapt to the local context. They come in addition to the wide range of actions undertaken by  the francophonie training scheme.



A French family-owned company, UrgoLaboratories is recognised by health professionals and the general public as a leading European player in the field of wound healing and the treatment of day-to-day ailments. The decision taken in 2010 to create the Urgo Laboratories Corporate Foundation as a testimony to our long-term commitment to public health was, therefore, entirely natural.



On line e-foot care program is completed by "Train the foot trainer" (TTFT), Face to Face five days training. 

The following TTFT training have been set up with the support of local and international sponsors in different part of the world : 

Bled (Slovénie) - Bangkok (Thaïlande) - Marrakech (Maroc)